Our next mHealthDemoCamp is Thursday January 29

Live demonstrations of Mobile Health apps, meet cool people in tech and healthcare, hang out in the UW School of Pharmacy space. If you're involved in health tech in KW, you don't want to miss this. It's free to attend:

The details:

Keynote by Adam Cole, CTO of Newtopia

Adam founded OPTIUM and grew it to > 15 employees. He sold Phase 4 Health to McKesson, ran the IT program at Canadian Clinical Trial Network, built healthcare ecosystems with Coral CEA, was the CTO of Liberate Healthcare, and now is the CTO of Newtopia which raised $5M in 2014.

He will talk about how to make a successful business in healthcare.



Simply Obstetrics - Dan Finnigan from Simply Charting

Simply Obstetrics is a point-of-care reference App for managing pregnant patients in primary care. It follows through from routine care in pregnancy to normal labour and delivery, also covering obstetrical emergencies. The bullet-point topic primers give you the answers you need at the time you need them, based on current Canadian obstetrical guidelines produced by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC), MoreOB, and ALARM (a course to train caregivers how to manage obstetrical emergencies). The App also has a useful reference section, including pregnancy categories for common prescriptions, acronym definitions, mnemonics, and calculators. We hope to keep developing and improving this project to make it the de facto go-to obstetrics App out there.

SmartMED - Leo Godreault

SmartMED is a medication reminder application that lets you easily know when your next medication is due, when your prescription is finished or needs to be refilled. Discover new insights about your usage, habits, routines by exploring your data. Find new ways to improve yourself and your health by being able to accurately reflect on your routine.

Fred All-in-One Glucose Meter - Paolo Di Donato

Carrying around your glucose monitor, test strips and lancing device can be a real prick in the finger. Fred is an all-in-one glucose monitor device which is coupled with a smartphone case and mobile application. Fred aims to take the social stigma away from glucose testing among diabetics while making there busy lives easier with a discreet and portable monitor.

GeneYouIn PillCheck - Ruslan Dorfman

PillCheck is a personalized drug reference tool that can help you to optimize treatment for multiple medications.

Crush the Crave

Crush the Crave is a new mobile app designed by the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact at the University of Waterloo. Crush the Crave is a FREE, easy-to-use smartphone app that helps you stop smoking and start living a healthy life.

EyeCheck - Rachel Friesen

Want to demo?

Want to demo? It's open to anyone with a mobile health app. Choose a Demo ticket on eventbrite and we'll contact you to get the details.

What is mHealthDemoCamp all about?

mHealthDemoCamp is a free event where people show off something they’ve built. It’s an social event for local entrepreneurs, designers and developers to come together, share some food and drink and hang out. It’s also a time to watch demos of the cool and interesting things being built in our community.

Demo Your Stuff

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We couldn't do this without support from:

Kelly Grindrod from the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy

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Past Events

Read about mHealthDemoCamp1 at MaRS in Toronto: We have more than 30 mobile health experts and entrepreneurs in room CR-3 at MaRS, a highly informative keynote, 6 five-minute demos, great Q&A, and then about ten of us went out for beers afterwards.