Thursday April 30

Live demonstrations of Mobile Health apps, meet cool people in tech and healthcare, hosted inside the AppsForHealth conference. If you're involved in health tech in Hamilton, KW, or Toronto, you don't want to miss this.



  1. TickIt by Shift Health - Bringing the patient voice into healthcare - Daniel Penn, President/Co-Founder
  2. Shift Alerts - Patient reminders on the go - Debbie Schmidt, CEO
  3. Pain Quilt - Communicate and track your pain in a quick, simple, and visual format - Chitra Lalloo
  4. Mindr Mobile - Pro-actively ensure you are safe and responsive - Bob Young
  5. Special Appucations - Dducational apps for kids with autism or special needs - Sarah Kupferschmidt

About the demos:

TickIt by Shift Health - Bringing the patient voice into healthcare - Daniel Penn, President/Co-Founder

Poor patient/provider communication is vastly expensive. Shift Health, a medical IT company, is addressing this $305 billion problem with TickiT, our flagship patient data-entry platform. TickiT cuts through barriers to effective clinical decision making by prioritizing patient experience. Already adopted by top healthcare leaders like Boston Children’s Hospital and CAMH, TickiT is specialized to focus on high-risk groups, such as those with low literacy, stigmatized conditions and youth.

Daniel Penn is the President of Shift Health Paradigms, a healthcare startup that brings the patient voice into clinical care. As a teenager, he was a competitive athlete representing Canada in ski racing. A series of injuries, operations and a significant concussion led him to experience the challenges of patient-provider communication. With the completion of a combined Arts and Science degree at McMaster University, Daniel grasped that effective communication and Knowledge Translation activities are fundamental in bridging the gap between subject-matter experts and the average person. The development of TickiT, an interactive survey platform, brought together his interests in improving patient-provider communications by leveraging an innovative IT platform.

Shift Alerts - Patient reminders on the go - Debbie Schmidt, CEO

Shift Alerts is an app that helps nurses, personal support workers and occupational therapists keep track of patient related tasks. Users can schedule alerts for interventions such as: medication, vitals check, patient hygiene, dressing change, blood glucose check, bed turn, as well as create custom interventions.

Debbie Schmidt, RN, MCSE, CRA, CCRC, Clinical Informatics Specialist - Nursing, S. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Debbie Schmidt is a Registered Nurse; a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and A+ Technician, a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator, and a Clinical Research Associate. With over 20 years of healthcare and technology experience, Debbie plays a pivotal role in merging healthcare with technology in support of effective change management across the continuum of care.

Pain Quilt - Communicate and track your pain in a quick, simple, and visual format - Chitra Lalloo

PainQuILT is a web- and mobile-based tool for the visual self-report and tracking of pain. It was developed and validated through the PhD research of Chitra Lalloo at McMaster University (2010-2014). PainQuILT empowers patients to express the quality of their pain by choosing from a validated icon library, such as a ‘matchstick’ for a ‘burning’ pain. They can rate the intensity of their pain using a 0-10 scale, and also document their pain location using a virtual body map. PainQuILT is the only tool that captures different qualities and different intensities of pain across multiple body sites. All pain data are digitally captured and can be tracked over time. Technical validation has been completed in adolescents and adults with different types of chronic pain through 4 peer-reviewed publications and over 10 conference presentations.

Chitra Lalloo completed her PhD in Medical Sciences at McMaster University in August 2014 under the supervision of Dr. James L. Henry. Her PhD research was focused on development and validation of Pain-QuILT™, a web-based tool for the assessment and tracking of sensory pain. Chitra joined Dr. Jennifer Stinson at the Hospital for Sick Children. Her postdoctoral research focuses on the development and evaluation of iCanCope with Pain™, a Smartphone and web-based self-management program for adolescents and young adults with chronic pain. iCanCope with Pain™ will provide self-management therapy tailored to the needs of 15-25 year olds with chronic pain. This phased project includes program development, usability testing, and a pilot feasibility randomized controlled trial.

Mindr Mobile - Pro-actively ensure you are safe and responsive - Bob Young

The Mindr Mobile Personal Monitor is a unique communications app for your Smartphone. It will send an alert by email and text message to your personal contact in case you need help. The unique aspect of Mindr Mobile is that it will pro-actively check on you to make sure you are safe and responsive. Even if you can’t push a button on your phone, the App sends an alert for you. Available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry devices. The health application of this app is for people with any chronic health condition that may cause sudden loss of consciousness, confusion, or profound weakness. This includes people with Asthma, MS, Epilepsy, Heart Disease, CPD, Diabetes, and other chronic health problems. Mindr Mobile has been endorsed by the Epilepsy Toronto and the MS Society Waterloo Region for use by their members.

Bob Young has 10 Years Medical Technology Device Sales and Marketing Experience and 15 years enterprise IT solutions sales experience.

Special Appucations - Educational apps for kids with autism or special needs - Sarah Kupferschmidt

There are 2 million children living with autism in North America and the numbers keep growing. We know from solid research that 50% of those kids have wandered away from a safe situation at least one time. In many cases the propensity to wander has led to tragedy. Street Smarts is an app that can be used to teach kids with autism what to do if they are lost in a store. The Street Smarts app has a child component with high quality videos and animation, and a parent/educator component that provides tips on how to go out and practice this in the real world which is critical to teaching this important skill. There is a way to track the students progress in the app as well as parent/educator practice sessions.

Sarah Kupferschmidt is the Co-Founder of Special Appucations an mhealth company that develops solutions for kids with autism and his/her families using the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). ABA is essentially the science of learning and has been shown to improve quality of life for kids with autism and their families in the literature hundreds of times. Sarah has her Masters in Psychology with a specialization in ABA and is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) who has worked with hundreds of children with autism and their families. She has also clinically supervised and trained hundreds of staff on how to implement treatment strategies that are based on ABA. She is a Part Time Professor in the Autism Behavioural Sciences certificate program at Mohawk College, and in the certificate in ABA and Social Sciences program through McMaster University. Special Appucations intends on creating an entire mobile curriculum to teach important skills to children with autism and their families.

Past Events


mHealthDemoCamp2 was Thursday January 29

"On a wintery night, at the UW School of Pharmacy, in a lounge high up on the 7th floor overlooking the Tannery, gathered over 30 eager (but unsuspecting) mobile health developers. So what happens when you get 30+ mobile health developers into a room for show and tell? Community building, that’s what!"


The first event was held at MaRS on December 13, 2012.

Here was the original announcement

Read about mHealthDemoCamp1 at MaRS in Toronto: We have more than 30 mobile health experts and entrepreneurs in room CR-3 at MaRS, a highly informative keynote, 6 five-minute demos, great Q&A, and then about ten of us went out for beers afterwards.